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At Shitamachi t Pro, even our scheduled tours are limited to a group size of six people, to ensure you receive proper hospitality and a meaningful experience. You won't get lost in the crowd, because there is no crowd. Just you, your guide, and your new friends.

Prefer to do things your way? For solo travellers or private groups, we can organise a flexible itinerary to match your schedule and interests, with a translator guide to help you find what you want to find, and do what you want to do, every step of the way.



and Rokku


Asakusa Night


and Sumo


Private Tours

Sensoji and Rokku

Asakusa tour
  • Walking tour
  • 3.5 hours

1400 years of history... plus snacks! See the essential Sensoji temple, then explore the winding streets of the colourful Rokku area.

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Soothing Asakusa Night

Asakusa tour
Coming Soon
Asakusa tour

Breakfast and Sumo

Custom Private Tours

Use the form below to tell us what sort of experience you'd like to have in Tokyo. If you're not sure what you want, that's OK! We can help. Just tell us about yourself and your interests. (Or tell us about your group.)

When you imagine yourself in Tokyo, what do you picture yourself doing? What do your surroundings look like? What do they smell like? What new friends do you make, and what do you do together?

It might help to imagine your photo album or instagram page after your trip, and work backwards from there!


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