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May 15, 2019


START: 東京メトロ銀座線4番地上出口

broadcasting (放送) (n.)

Ex. In high school, I belonged to the broadcasting club.

Ex. It’s the tallest broadcasting tower in the world.

headquarters building(本社ビル)(n.)



rickshaw (人力車) (n.)

architect (建築家)(n.)



sweet bean paste, red bean paste (あんこ) (n.)

Ex. It has sweet bean paste inside. You should eat it while it’s hot and fresh!
woodblock print (木版画) (n.)
soybean powder (きなこ) (n.)
folding fan (扇子) (n.)

Ex. Folding fans are still commonly used in Japan during summer.



thunder (雷、雷鳴) (n.)

Ex. There was a flash of lightning and a clap of thunder.

guardian (守護者) (n.)

Ex. We call these statues 'koma-inu'. They are guardians of the shrine.Ex. The guardian of the Cave of Caerbannog is a fearsome monster with nasty, big, pointy teeth.

wooden (木製の) (adj.)

Ex. The two fishermen found a small, wooden statue in their net.

Ex. With so many wooden buildings close together, fire could be a big problem.

statue (像) (n.)

Ex. In that park, you will see a statue of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

carving (彫刻) (n.)

underneath (下に) (prep.)

Ex. We sat underneath the cherry blossom tree all afternoon and got really drunk.Ex. Can you see the wooden carving underneath the lantern?

paper lantern, folding lantern (提灯) (n.)

portable shrine (神輿) (n.)

religion (宗教) (n.)

Ex. Buddhism is one of two major religions in Japan.

religious (宗教的な) (adj.)

Ex. He can’t eat pork, for religious reasons.

Ex. Sensoji temple is one of the most visited religious sites in the world.
sacred, holy (神聖な) (adj.)

Ex. The statue is a very sacred object, so people are not allowed to see it.

Ex. This is a sacred place, so please show respect.
secular (世俗的な) (adj.)

Ex. This gate marks the boundary between the secular world and the sacred world.
(Buddhist) temple (お寺) (n.)
village (村) (n.)

Ex. Our story begins in a small fishing village, over a thousand years ago.

fisherman (漁師) (n.)

Ex. If you want to be a fisherman, don’t live in the desert.

to hide (隠す) (v.)

Ex. I hid the damaged flooring with a mat, before my landlord arrived.

Ex. I thought my son was hiding dirty magazines in his bottom drawer, but it was actually a notebook full of sad poems.

hidden (隠れ~) (adj.)
to enshrine (祭る) (v.)

Ex. The statue enshrined here is a ‘hidden Buddha’. That means we’re not allowed to see it.

Ex. The spirits of the two fishermen are enshrined here as kami.


(Shinto) shrine (神社) (n.)
priest, monk (僧、修験僧) (n.)

Ex. Many monks live and work in this temple, deep in the mountain forest.Ex. A serious-looking priest performed the funeral ceremony.
five-storied [five-storey, story] pagoda (五重の塔) (n.)
evil spirits (悪霊、魔) (n.)

Ex. The shimenawa helps to protect the shrine from evil spirits.

Ex. My doctor says it’s gastroenteritis​, but I believe it’s an evil spirit.
charm, amulet (お守り) (n.)

Ex. The power of this charm will last for one year.

Ex. An assortment of colourful charms dangled from her handbag.
incense (お香) (n.)
incense stick (線香) (n.)

incense burner (香炉) (n.)

Ex. Sweet-smelling smoke rises constantly from the incense burner.

chamber (部屋) (n.) (formal)

to purify (清める) (v.)

Ex. We must purify ourselves before approaching the sacred chamber.

Ex. The Red Priestess, Melisandre, believes in purifying sinners with fire. People don’t like her much.

purification (お清め) (n.)
ritual (儀式) (n.)

Ex. Washing our hands in this way is a kind of purification ritual.

offering (賽銭、供物) (n.)

offering box (賽銭箱) (n.)

Ex. First, throw a coin into the offering box. The amount of money doesn’t matter.






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