Prevention Measures against COVID-19

1. Avoid 3 C's: Crowded place, Closed space and Close distance
- Our tours focus on guiding smaller groups mainly outside in open spaces.

- We provide private tours for a group of  6 and fewer participants. 

- We try to avoid heavily crowded places.

- We don't enter closed crowded facilities that don’t take preventative measures against COVID-19.

2. Physical distancing
- We take Japanese-style bowing instead of Western-style handshaking or hugging for greeting.
- Our guides may use wireless guide earphone system to avoid direct transmission as needed.
3. Other Measures
- Our tour-guides wear facial masks.
- Our tour guides check the temperature each time before the tour starts.
- Our tour guides use hand sanitizers or hand soap  when needed.
- Guests are required to wear facial masks and use hand sanitizers.
- We may deny any guests participation if they show any symptoms of infection.


* These preventive measures are based on guidelines set by the Japanese government Ministry of Health.  

* These measures may change depending on further announcements made by the Japanese government.