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Asakusa: 1400-year history exploration

  • Personalized experience with 6 guest limit

  • Japanese sweets and snack stops included



Asakusa: Evening History Tour & Culture Exploration through Dining

  • In-depth history tour against an illuminated backdrop

  • Dine at three distinct but typical izakaya restaurants

  • Get to know Japanese history and culture through its foods and drinks




Morning Sumo Practice Viewing in Tokyo

  • Rare chance to watch early morning practice of sumo wrestlers at close range

  • Feel that a huge mass of muscles constitute their bodies as you hear the sounds produced as they hit their bodies head-on




Grand Sumo Tournament Viewing in Tokyo

  • Share the excitement while your sumo freak guide gives you real time commentaries on each bout

  • B-class or A-class (upgrade) chair seats



Asakusa: Cherry blossom viewing cruise

  • Enjoy spectabular views from the vantage point of the boat on Sumida river

  • Breathe and enjoy one of the most festive times of the year

  • Enjoy lunch in the nice restaurant by the Sumida rive

  • Marvel at the beauty of Japan’s traditional landscape garden




Asakusa: Cherry blossom night cruise

  • Marvel at the beauty of illuminated cherry blossoms from the vantage point of the boat on Sumida river

  • Explore 1400-year history of Asakusa, the heartland of Tokyo

  • Enjoy spectacular views over gorgeous hors d'oeuvre and a drink (both included) 




History Tour and Traditional Music Live Performance over Lunch in Asakusa

  • Enjoy pure acoustic sounds of the instruments only possible in the small hard-to-book restaurant with a limited number of seats

  • In-depth guided walking tour focused on history



Family package in Asakusa: history tour with a visit to amusement park

  • Private tour for a family – no other guests

  • Informative and enjoyable both for adults and children

  • Included is access to unlimited rides and attractions in the amusement park




VIP tour - Delight your senses with a rare three-geisha experience

  • Personalized experience with 4 guest limit and a local certified expert guide

  • Private geisha performances and games with 3 geisha (rare!)

  • Luxurious kaiseki dinner at a handpicked ryotei (traditional high-end restaurant  used for geisha entertainment) 



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